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Amaze Dentures

An Upper that fits like a glove, REAL LOWER SUCTION, a Bite that's right, and a Million-Dollar SMILE!

Our Services

The services we offer at Denture Magic and Razi Dental Institute and the passions which motivate us directly support these 4 phases.  Which of our services and passions could benefit you or your family?

Phase 1 – Prevention and Therapeutic Care

Preventing the need for dentures in the first place!  From simple prevention to advanced periodontal and restorative intervention, these are Dr. Razi’s passions and areas of expertise.

If you don’t, or won’t, take care of your teeth, they will simply just go away.  Injury?  Tooth decay?  More often than not, the cause is gum disease, of which, poor oral hygiene (the lack of prevention) is the main cause.  Prevention can be taught, encouraged and supplemented in the dental office, but must be practiced daily at home to be real.  Of all the tools available at Dr. Razi’s disposal to reverse the course of moderate-to-severe gum disease and hopefully prevent the need for dentures down the road, the LANAP® Protocol is the only laser periodontitis treatment scientifically and clinically proven to regenerate new gum tissue, ligament, and bone. The specific wavelength of the laser stimulates the release of growth factors, allowing the body to heal naturally, without the need for conventional scalpel and sutures surgery.

If you’re sure you’re not a potential candidate for any type of denture, GREAT! And CONGRATULATIONS!  At Denture Magic we honestly hope that you will NEVER require dentures. So, if you’re in the market for a great new dental home, or would just like a second opinion on any aspect of general dentistry, from reversing periodontal disease to the many benefits of implants, and anything in-between, then Dr. Razi is your guy and you can reach his office manager, Tricia, at (805) 273-9590.

Phase 2 – Immediate Dentures

Transitioning those with failing dentitions to Amaze Dentures™, while making the journey as pleasant as possible.

When extraction of the remaining teeth in one or both arches becomes the practical solution to one’s dental problems, most patients choose “immediate” dentures which simply means that the dentures would be fabricated prior to, and then delivered at the same appointment, “immediately” after the removal of the final remaining teeth, as opposed to going weeks or even months without any teeth.  During this time while tissues go through the initial shrinking and healing process you want to have a  denture provider who honestly cares about your comfort and welcomes the opportunity to serve you promptly and as often as necessary,  In addition to the typical routine adjustments where an area is simply “relieved” by grinding something off, you will also be provided with a series of chairside “relines” to maintain a better fit and the retentive suction on both dentures, to keep you more comfortable and functional.  At Denture Magic, Dr. Schambach provides these chairside relines when you need them at no extra charge for up to a year if necessary, and you’re never limited to an arbitrary number of adjustments either.  He takes care of you the way he’d want to be taken care of if roles were reversed.

 Besides serving as immediate dentures, your Amaze Dentures can usually be lab relined after the initial shrinkage & healing period, to provide many years of additional service, saving the costs of a second set.

Phase 3 – 1st Time or Replacement Dentures

Improving self-confidence and day-to-day quality of life, with Amaze Dentures™ and their REAL LOWER SUCTION™.

There are a variety of reasons to seek replacement dentures: lost or tossed (think care facilities), broken (dropped), chewed (dog got it), worn out (ridges and/or teeth), too loose (or just tired of swallowing denture adhesive), painful to wear, unhappy with appearance (sunken look or they just “look like dentures”), can’t eat or speak properly with them (or do better without), or the classic “they were never right to begin with”. Replacement dentures are also appropriate for those who have waited for a significant healing period after final extractions on one of both arches, without previously having any dentures made, though these might be more appropriately called 1st Time Dentures.

Our Amaze Dentures™, were so named because that’s their goal and what they’re designed to do.  Upper fits like a glove, REAL LOWER SUCTION™, a bite that’s right, and a million-dollar smile!

Phase 4 – Implant Dentures

Explaining and offering the life changing benefits that implants can provide for most denture patients. Dr. Razi is truly an implant wizard and Amaze Dentures™ play a key role also.

Implant Dentures are dentures which are retained/supported by implants. This not only significantly improves the functionality and biting force, but also instills the self-confidence which comes with assured retention in even the most demanding situations. If you are considering dentures and want dentures that don’t slip, drop or accidently come out of the mouth, then you’ll want to consider implant dentures. Most denture wearers are candidates for implant dentures. The improved function which they provide allows one to enjoy a higher quality of life for the rest of their life. Implant retained/  supported dentures function more like your natural teeth and allow you to chew with more force and help to minimize the resorption of your remaining jawbone and gums.  When properly placed by an experienced practitioner and with routine daily homecare and periodic maintenance checks, implants can last a lifetime.  Implant retained dentures are removable and implant supported dentures can be removable or attached with miniature screws which allows them to be removed by your dentist for periodic maintenance.   Amaze Dentures™ serve well for the initial period of implant healing and, with the proper custom framework embedded inside for strength, can be final implant dentures as well.

Advantages of Amaze Dentures™

They’re called “Amaze Dentures™ because that’s their goal and what they’re designed to do.  What makes these dentures so special?  How about Ivoclar Vivadent’s top of the line Master Class teeth for a long lasting, natural looking smile and their premium acrylic and patented injection technique processing to ensure a precision fit for more comfort and better stability and function, Dr. Abe’s impression technique to achieve real suction on the lower denture, Staub Cranial Technology to ensure optimum tooth positioning, and Myotronics’ neuromuscular tensing when indicated.

To sum it up, Amaze Dentures, with their REAL LOWER SUCTION effect, are great for most all full denture applications: immediate, 1st time, replacement, initial period of implant healing, and with the proper custom framework embedded inside for strength, even final implant dentures.

Upper fits like a glove, REAL LOWER SUCTION™, a bite that’s right, and a million-dollar smile!  Why would anyone want anything less?

Amaze Dentures™ Costs

Amaze Dentures™ are a combination of art, science, technology, skill, and experience crafted into premium quality body prosthetics designed to satisfy the many demands which will be expected of them.  Informed consumers who can appreciate the inherent value and benefits of truly premium denture prosthetics may want the cheapest extractions they can find, but they definitely would prefer the best dentures they can afford.  To that end, and to be able to help more patients, Denture Magic strives to provide excellent value at fair fees with customized payment options, so as to be affordable to most everyone.  To quote Dr. L.D. Pankey, who was a well-respected dentist in the profession, “A fair fee can be defined as that fee which the patient is willing to pay with gratitude and appreciation and which will enable the dentist to render the best possible service.”  The goal at Denture Magic is to have every patient enthusiastically agree with his definition when all is said and done.

If you have questions about specific costs or just how flexible and accommodating our financing options can be, please don’t hesitate to call Dr. Schambach directly at 805.488.0544