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An Upper that fits like a glove, REAL LOWER SUCTION, a Bite that's right, and a Million-Dollar SMILE!

About Us

After returning to Ventura County in the later part of 2014 for family reasons, I fortuitously met and now share office facilities in the Morgan Stanley Tower with Dr. Sid Razi, of Razi Dental Institute.  He excels in covering all the other bases for me, dedicated to the goal of preserving the natural dentition, Phase 1 of the four-possible dental life-cycle phases.  This is the phase in which one would ideally remain for a lifetime.  Utilizing the newest dental technologies and procedures to provide the highest quality of care, his mission is to advance your oral health and care so you can enjoy a healthy, attractive smile for your lifetime.  Razi Dental Institute offers a comprehensive approach to your oral health with an emphasis on preventive care and minimally invasive procedures, in a compassionate, stress-free environment with your comfort and care the utmost priority.  Dr. Razi is a certified LANAP® Regenerative Specialist, which means that he can offer the only FDA-cleared periodontal treatment option with true regeneration of bone, so hopefully, he can help you avoid dentures.  He is also an expert in implant dentistry, which can avoid the need for bridges or partial dentures and which also can take full dentures to the next level, Phase 4.

The passion at Dr. Schambach’s Denture Magic is in putting self-confident smiles back into faces where too often they’ve been missing for way too long.  The fulfillment comes from seeing it in their eyes!  I strive to exceed patient expectations by providing premium prosthetics combined with exceptional personal service, at a fair fee which represents true value.  It is important to me that my patients are not just satisfied, but honestly happy with their new dentures.  I do believe that implants can offer major benefits to most denture patients, but the first thing I want to do is to make the best set of dentures that I can, knowing what a vital role these prosthetics are going to play in the person’s life.  I am extremely grateful for the working relationship I share with Dr. Razi, for it is his dedication and expertise which enables me to devote my efforts to denture patients exclusively and to focus on my Amaze Dentures™, so named because that’s their goal and what they’re designed to do.  Upper fits like a glove, REAL LOWER SUCTION™, a bite that’s right, and a million-dollar smile!   They are uniquely well suited for Phase 2 and Phase 3 as well as for the initial period of implant healing required for Phase 4, and with the proper custom framework embedded inside for strength, even final implant dentures.

Dr. Lee Schambach

Dr. Sid Razi