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My Mission

Welcome to Denture Magic, I’m Lee Schambach and my private denture practice is in the Morgan Stanley Tower in Oxnard, CA.  The MISSION of Denture Magic is to improve both the health and self-esteem of denture wearers and those who need to make the transition, so that life can be enjoyed the way it’s meant to be.  While serving a more “dentally needy” population in Southwest Virginia for nearly five years, I treated patients with mouths, the likes of which I had never seen before. This overwhelmingly convinced me of how ESSENTIAL a comfortable, functional, and natural looking set of dentures can be to an individual’s overall sense of self and day-to-day quality of life, and led me to my WHY.  Having returned to Ventura County, I’m very fortunate to now share office facilities with Dr. Sid Razi, who excels in covering all the other bases for me, which enables me to serve denture patients exclusively.  By combining the services offered in our two private practices, Razi Dental Arts and Denture Magic are well suited to serving all your dental needs (with very few exceptions), while allowing us to focus on our individual professional passions.  This combining of our services is especially relevant if you still have natural teeth and are uncertain if it makes sense to try to keep them, if you have teeth in one arch but none in the other, or if you’re interested in the benefits of implants for denture wearers.

The 4 Phases of the Dental Life-Cycle

Most individuals are in one or some combination of the following 4 possible dental life-cycle phases.

Which would best describe you?

Phase 1

You currently have all or most of your natural teeth and plan/hope to keep them for a lifetime, or not sure, and wonder what can be done to save them.

Phase 2

Prevention and even advanced restorative and periodontal treatment are no longer options. You may be unaware, ignoring, in denial, or procrastinating.

Phase 3

One or both of your arches have no teeth.

Phase 4

You are already enjoying or interested in the benefits which dentures or implants can offer.

Want REAL LOWER SUCTION, a bite that’s right, and a million-dollar smile?